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Being Loyal to the Church = Being Loyal to Jesus

To God’s Beloved At Cloverdale Baptist Church:

It is a privilege to know that God works through our prayers and our passionate efforts.  I am so thankful for passages like Exodus 17, and the reminder we have, that when we are in the battle here on earth, instead of infighting, or complaining we can engage in the fight, confident with upraised hands that in Him, the victory is sure. 

As we have kicked off this ministry year, we are praying, and we are pursuing His will together.  THANK YOU, so many exciting things are happening, even as we move forward from what has been difficult battles.  It is good to be partners in the Gospel, and to have the assurance that God is at work doing amazing things.

I am encouraged as so many stories come my way of people seeking to live for God’s glory and display the Gospel to those in their sphere of influence.  We are gaining traction in our passion to be known for our radical God centeredness, our passionate biblical obedience, and our love for one another.  THANK YOU for engaging, and helping us to become who God wants us to be.  Don’t become weary in doing good, for you know we will reap a reward, if we do not give up! 

The closer we are to Jesus, the more unified we will be.  This has always been a priority of God’s Word, and one that followers of Jesus are passionate about!  We long to be those who are driven and defined by our relationship with Jesus, and as we are, the unity around this will far supersede politics and internet priorities.  I'm so glad I'm a part of the family of God....

Personal growth will always include preaching the Gospel to ourselves every day (living in relationship with God); pursuing right thinking; PrayingPeople gathered in church; and seeking the supremacy of the person of Jesus in all things.

We have covered preaching the Gospel to ourselves every day, pursuing right thinking, praying, and in this post, People Gathered In Church

God has made us to live in community, and the local church is where we are to live and obey His Word.  Without the local church we will be deceived by sin (Hebrews 3:12-14), we will not be ready for the day approaching (Hebrews 10) and we will not be healthy (Ephesians 4:11-16).  One of the great attacks of the demonic realm is to deflect commitment to the body of Jesus from individual believers so that they either see church as optional, or as a place that exists to please them.

Church should please you, because you serve her, and see her through the eyes of the LORD.  Each one of us should be loyal to the bride of Jesus and choose to serve her, using the gifts that God has given us to build her up.  This is where a significant number of verses and books in the NT focus, and where the demonic realm, flesh and world most intensely attack.

We should have Jesus as our highest passion and love, and love what He loves.  His devotion to the CHURCH, and it’s representation in local churches should be something that dominates our thinking and our lives.

We should not forsake the gathering of believers…and this should mean much more than Sunday mornings at 10:30, it should mean a serving building heart to others, loyalty to the leaders, and a passion to use the gifts God has given to help the church grow deeper and wider in its pleasing of Jesus.

Those loyal to God and His Word not only love the local church, not only are committed to attend, they serve, they build up, they defend, and they delight in her.

I love being a part of the family of God, and as Spurgeon said, why would you stoop to be a King (or Queen) if you have been called to serve the bride of Jesus.

Sunday is Coming

Back to Revelation!

Many of you have said you missed being in the book of Revelation, and WE ARE BACK!

Might be good to review where we have come from, and where we are going.

Title:  God’s Plan Includes God’s People

Text:  Revelation 11

Read the text.

  • Why is being radically God centred key to understanding the book of Revelation?
  • Why do you think that God’s plan for God’s people includes suffering?
  • How is this an encouragement to people who are in the darkness of the soul?
  • Why is following Jesus, and being faithful in our love for one another and His Gospel worth it? 
  • Why does it mean that God protects us?  Especially in the context of immense suffering? 
  • How can we maintain (gain) a future focus in the midst of the broken world we live in?
  • Why is this so important?
  • Thankful to serve His bride by serving you, and serving with you,

Much is happening in our family, as we continue to engage in Fellowship, Freedom In Christ, and spiritual battle...stay informed, and engaged, and help us be all that God wants us to be.


Moms & Tots

Wednesday, Oct. 19th / 9:30 am / GymCome for a time of fellowship with other moms while the kids enjoy playtime and a snack! This is a parent-supervised event.

NewComers’ Lunch

Oct. 23rd / After Service / Fellowship HallJoin us for lunch after the service if you are new to Cloverdale Baptist Church in the last 12 months! We’ll share with you who we are, what we stand for, and make you aware of the ministries at the church. Pastor Rob will host a Q&A for any questions. All ages are welcome and no registration is required.

Why Do We Trust and Preach the Bible?

► The Cloverdale Baptist PodcastWe’re starting a new Q&A series where Pastor Rob will be answering some great questions submitted by our listeners. Our overarching theme for our first Q&A is the authority and importance of the Bible—why do we trust and preach the Bible? Send your questions and we will answer them in future episodes!

Discipleship Classes

Sundays / 9:00 AM / for all agesWe believe in the importance of sound biblical education for all. That’s why every Sunday at 9:00am, we have an hour of teaching and discipling for all children, youth, and adults, where we can all grow in our understanding of the scriptures and the Christian life. Learn about our classes.

Child Dedication

Sunday, Nov. 13th / During ServiceAn opportunity for parents to commit to bring up your kids “in the training and instruction of the Lord” (Eph. 6:4) and for the church to commit to support and pray for the parents on this journey. Sign up at

Thanksgiving Offering

The 2022 Thanksgiving offering will be in support of Langley Food Bank and will remain open until November 30th, 2022. Please mark your envelopes or electronic gifts accordingly.

Operation Christmas Child Boxes

Shoeboxes are available for pick-up in the foyer. Please fill the shoeboxes with necessities and a toy to bless a child. Return filled shoeboxes to the foyer by Sunday, Nov. 13th. Contact Lorraine Moen for questions.



Join us in praying for our missionaries around the globe.

Ricardo & Ingrid / Spain

  • Pray for their planned move to Seville in December, where they will work with another couple to continue their work of multiplying believers.
  • Pray for God to open more churches for Ricardo to lead workshops to train and encourage Christians to disciple others and praise Him for 11 Bible Study groups which have resulted from these workshops.
  • Pray for believers who wish to be baptized and who experience a great deal of opposition from family members.
  • Pray for Zafra, for the spiritual opposition that exists there, and that the many contacts they have made will come to know the Lord.