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Merry Christmas

To God’s Beloved At Cloverdale Baptist Church

We are in the last week of October (close) and it is a week that the world celebrates Halloween, and the Christian remembers the glory of the Gospel and the greatness of our call to be loyal exclusively to God and His grace.  We celebrate the recovery of the Gospel of grace through the Reformation.

October 31, 1517 Martin Luther wrote 95 theses on the door of All Saints Church in Wittenberg.  His desire was to see the church loyal to God’s Word and the Gospel, and to be separate from traditions and worldliness.  His goal was to unify the church around what the Bible really says matters and separate those who were not honouring God or His Word from the church.  This was the beginning (well, at the very least it marks the beginning, although was a continuation of much that the Spirit was doing) of what has become known as the REFORMATION, and forms the foundation of who we believe God wants us to be as a church.

I love the reforming to God’s Word principle, and we long to be those who are GOSPEL ORIENTED all of the time, and who are in the world but not of the world because of the TRANSFORMING power of the Spirit.

As we see the world mark their celebrations on October 31 with all sorts of strange rituals and traditions, let us remember that we are constantly to be reforming to the Word of God, and living with a radical Gospel orientation.  It is good to be a part of a history filled with reminders to be faithful to God in the midst of a world that is not.

Happy Reformation week, and as you see others caught up in chocolate and costumes, let us be caught up with Christ and the Gospel! 

Please pray for our brothers and sisters in Iran, as they struggle with representing Jesus well in a difficult time.  It has always been a call of God to be in the world and not of the world, and to fix our eyes on Him, but for those in intense worldly situations (I suppose all of us, but seems so much more intense in Iran, or Ukraine these days), may we pray they would be holy, loving, and joyful in the midst of a disorienting situation.  May God find them faithful to Him, loyal to His church, and eternally focused!

As we seek to be in the world, but not of the world I am often asked why we don’t become more political.  I suppose, more like the Sadducees, or if you are on the other side of this the Zealots.  I think the most simple answer is that the KING we serve is of a different Kingdom, and our greatest power for influencing our world is to be the best citizens of His Kingdom, even as we seek to be great citizens of the world.  So, quick answer is, yes we care about life issues, and freedom of religion issues, and what is being taught to children, and marriage and what it means in the world, and ……. And we seek to follow our Master and how He interacted with the world in space time history and make a Gospel impact! 

Text:  Revelation 12

  • What is this text trying to teach us as followers of God?
  • How does this story reflect a different (apocalyptic) perspective of the nativity scene?
  • What can this teach us about spiritual warfare?
  • How can we learn to fight in this war from a safe spiritual position in Christ, and with the weapons He desires us to use?
  • How is this study of Revelation giving you hope, and causing you to live your life in full surrender to the Lordship of Jesus in the middle of the cosmic battle we are in?

It is a privilege and joy to serve you, in His strength, for His glory and our conformity to His image,

Pastor Rob


Men’s Breakfast

Nov. 5th / 8:30 AM / Fellowship Hall Men’s Ministry invite men of all ages to come and enjoy a wonderful breakfast, fellowship, and spiritual food together.

Prayer Night: Persecuted Church

Sunday, Nov. 6th / 6:30 PM / Sanctuary We’re hosting a prayer night where we’ll be praying for churches around the world who are facing persecution. We’ll also hear the story of how a devout Muslim found Jesus through one of our missionaries and was nearly killed for his faith.

Pickleball Drop-In

Starting Nov. 7th / 10:00 AM / Gym Starting Nov. 7th, join us every Monday for a time of fellowship and pickleball. We’ll have two courts and lots of room for beginners and experienced players. Bring your racquet if you have one, extras will be available. Contact Bob Austin for info.

Seniors’ Lunch & Concert

Nov. 9th / 11:30 AM / Fellowship Hall Last day to purchase tickets in the foyer. Lunch and concert with Brian & Harry Doerksen. Lunch limited to 125 at $15, concert open to all at $10. DVDs will be available for purchase at the door.

Child Dedication/Parent Commissioning

Sunday, Nov. 13th / During Service An opportunity for parents to commit to bring up your kids “in the training and instruction of the Lord” (Eph. 6:4) and for the church to commit to support and pray for the parents on this journey. Sign up at

Growing Together Women’s Breakfast

Saturday, Nov. 19th / 9:00 AM / Fellowship Hall Sign up is available at the women’s registration table in the foyer starting next week. Admission is by donation and all women welcome!

Operation Christmas Child Boxes

Shoeboxes are available for pick-up in the foyer. Please fill the shoeboxes with necessities and a toy to bless a child. Return filled shoeboxes to the foyer by Sunday, Nov. 13th. Contact Lorraine Moen for questions.

Thanksgiving Offering

The 2022 Thanksgiving offering will be in support of Langley Food Bank and will remain open until November 30th, 2022. Please mark your envelopes or electronic gifts accordingly.