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With God Anything Is Possible

To God's Beloved at Cloverdale Baptist Church:

Be Encouraged, God Has Been At Work In & Through His People At Cloverdale Baptist Church:

Many have asked how the cinnamon buns were...they were EXCELLENT!  We have had a very blessed Christmas season!

As we enter 2023 it is good to reflect on how God has worked, this will cause us to praise Him, and to move forward in our lives and ministry with passion! 

God has used CBC to start a powerful world-wide evangelism tool, called HIGH POWER SOCCER Camp.  This was started to reach children and families in our community, and for years was a powerful evangelistic tool.  Designed by a member, developed by a pastor, it is now being used world-wide to reach children for Jesus and the last I heard over 2 million have been through this program that was started at CBC.  PRAISE GOD!

God has used CBC to start Global Children’s Network.  Started in our board room, an elder and a wonderful man of God dreamed of a children’s ministry that could go global, and unite families and pastors in the pursuit of a powerful Great Commission ministry.  Pastor Rob was the first board member outside of these two founding members, and now this ministry is in over 10, 000 churches and almost 1 million children impacted in over 52 countries…. WOW…PRAISE GOD!

God has used CBC to stand firm on His Word and train other churches and pastors to do the same.  We have stood firm on God’s Word, and sought to help others in a drifting world to be loyal to God.  This is not easy as the temptation to add to God’s Word in legalism and politics, and take away from God’s Word in liberalism and “love”, is prevalent even in churches that in the past have been firm.  God is using us to encourage pastors and churches in holiness, loyalty to God’s Word, and God’s people.  Way beyond what we deserve, or on our own could possibly accomplish…PRAISE GOD!

Our missions’ program has impacted thousands around the world.  It is amazing to hear the stories of those impacted by our conferences, and the people they have impacted.  Cloverdale Baptist Church has been used by God to strengthen martyrs, and reach thousands and thousands in closed countries.  God has used our church to reach those on death row through Roy & Gwynn Comrie, and so many more stories could be told…Only through God’s Sovereignty and grace is this possible, and in terms of the privilege of being a part of this, OVERWHELMING!  PRAISE GOD!

It is hard to believe that our little church (okay mid-size church) could have been used in this way in our history.  It is even a little hard for me to believe as I meditate on the massive multiplication and world-wide impact this body has had.  I am not even including the countless marriages that have been healed, people reached, and churches planted in our history.  God has used this church in His power for His glory…PRAISE GOD. 

As we enter into 2023, I long for this not only to cause us to praise, I long for it to give us a PASSION to serve.  God has done this.  God is doing this.  God will do it again, and our longing is that He would choose to use this church again for these MASSIVE IMPACT realities.

We know we did not deserve the things He has chosen to do through us!  We know it is far beyond our ability to accomplish the impact we have had, and yet we long for more!  

What does God want from us as we enter 2023?

He wants our weakness!  Each of us offering to Him what we have been given by Him, and then allowing Him, in the power of the Spirit to multiply what we give and continue to change the world through this family. 

Our challenge is…to ENGAGE with PASSION and PRAYER.


New Years is a great time to reflect on what was, and plan for what is to come.  To set new goals and bring new focus.

For Cloverdale Baptist Church, we are going to focus on ENGAGEMENT FOR MAXIMUM IMPACT.

This will include three steps, that when taken together, in the power of the Spirit will the opportunity to impact millions more (I know mind-blowing, but look at our past)…

 Engage With God:  Each One Fully Devoted

  • Gospel Centred:  Live In His Love
  • Word Saturated:  Renew Our Minds
  • Prayerfully dependent:  Make CBC a house of prayer

 Engage With God’s People:  Each One Building Together In Unity

  • Grow:  Deeper
  • Serve:  Use your gifts for the building of the church
  • Love:  Find people to self sacrificially serve

 Engage With The World:  Each One Reach One

  • Life:  Live in the world but not of the world
  • Lips:  Share the Gospel with at least one person a week
  • Prayer: For workers in the harvest (Cloverdale, BC, Canada, World)

We will develop these more as we go through the year, but we would love each person in our church family to make these intentional priorities as we work together to bring glory to God and increase our health as a church family.

If we focus on these three, if each one is fully devoted, if each one builds the body, if each one reaches one, this will be our best year yet!

Will you join us, will you commit to being a part of a movement of ENGAGE with life God’s way for God’s glory.

We are thrilled to look forward to a year that in God’s strength, for God’s glory will be our best ever.

In the greatest darkness, the light shines the brightest.  Let us shine!


In each day there are 24 hours, 1,440 minutes, and 86,400 seconds-and every one of them is a precious gift from God.  It might feel like a snail, or a cheetah, but regardless of how we feel, we know that they are from God, so let us invest them for God.

Time is something we feel we never have enough of, yet we give it away so easily. Someone once said, “Time is free, but it’s priceless. You can’t own it, but you can use it. You can’t keep it but you can spend it. Once you’ve lost it you can never get it back.”

Welcome to 2023, will you ENGAGE with me in this year, so that when we look back in 2024 we will be amazed at what God has done!

In God’s strength, for God’s glory…and with the Praise for a past that is amazing, and a passion for the future whose potential is as unlimited as the power of God.

Pastor Rob

Ephesians 3:14-21

Praise God!  Let us serve Him with Passion!

Sunday Is Coming:

Acts 13

The Importance Of Prayer

God used a prayer meeting to change the course of history.  May He use us to change our stories through prayer and pursuing His will with passion!

God is REAL and RELEVANT, and we must be RELATIONAL with Him and one another.

How are you going to use your time this coming year to PRAY more?

What a joy to enter into this year with you, and to be partners in the Gospel!

Privileged to serve Him with you, and to serve you for Him,

Pastor Rob 


Christmas Eve Service

Saturday, Dec. 24th / 6:00 pm / Sanctuary A great evening to celebrate Jesus’ birth with Christmas carols, a devotional from Pastor Rob, and a children’s presentation—every child aged 0–12 will receive a gift bag to take home too! Invitations available at the Ministry Centre.

Children’s Ministry Christmas Break

The Children’s Ministry will be on a break on December 25th and January 1st and will return on January 8th. This includes Discipleship Classes and Kids Connection, though the Nursery will remain open but parent-supervised only. Contact Pastor Dwight for any questions.

Church Office Christmas Hours

Please note that the church office will be closed from December 23rd–January 2nd. Learn more >

Women’s Ministry Events

For registration and other details, visit the women’s table or contact the Women's Ministry.

  • Widow to Widow / January 14th at 2pm: A safe, supportive, social space for widows to explore common interests, plan activities and more.
  • New Bible Study: Psalms Along the Way. A 12-lesson study with daily questions. Meeting biweekly, starting January 19th at 6:30pm.
  • Growing Together Breakfast: January 21st at 9am. Carmen Radke will share about the Food Tidings Ministry. Sign up in the foyer.

Special Offerings

Please mark your gift accordingly / Give Online >

  • TWR Conference: to fund Iranians joining Pastor Rob and Lori at the TWR Conference in the Middle East in early 2023.
  • Christmas Offering: Going towards the Soup Kitchen at the Cloverdale Community Kitchen.
  • Ukraine Crisis: In support of our missionaries in Ukraine and Poland who are meeting Ukrainian refugee needs.

Are Christmas Traditions a Distraction?

The Cloverdale Baptist Podcast Christmas is one of the most important celebrations for Christians. And yet it is so easy to miss its real meaning when so many cultural traditions keep us busy and distracted during the season. Listen today on your preferred podcast app or on our website.

CBC Bursaries for Post-Secondary

The Homer Edwards bursary is to help those who want to serve God in full-time or part-time ministry and are pursuing post-secondary education to that end. The Chapman Bursary is for those who are in full time study for personal development and/or ministry preparation at a CBC-approved post-secondary Bible school, Bible college or seminary. Applications are available at the Ministry Desk or contact Pastor Thomas. Application deadline: January 10th, 2023.