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Greeting from Millar

To God’s Beloved At Cloverdale Baptist Church:

Greetings From Millar College Of The Bible:

It is my privilege to teach people who believe they might be called to serve Jesus bride as under shepherds.  This is an amazing privilege, and I covet your prayers for this week as they learn the value of the local church, and the call of pastors to watch their life and doctrine closely and to be servant leaders.

It is the greatest privilege in the world to serve God’s people, and yet it is not always an easy calling, and I long to help those I get to teach to honour God by helping these men.  May God use this class to help His servants effectively love and serve local churches all over Canada and the world!

We have begun the year with a call to improving our WORD SATURATION and our PRAYER lives.  This is so important as we long to be a healthy church.

To improve our prayer life, there are three specific steps we can take. 

  1. Pray The Bible:

The best guide to prayer are biblical prayers.  The pattern Jesus entrusted us with is a great starting point, and there are many many more.  This is where Carson’s book has been so helpful to me. 

Write out some of these prayers that are in the Bible, and pray them.  The best way to pray in the Spirit is to pray following His inspired prayers.

Carson, D.A.:  A Call To Spiritual Reformation.

  1. Pray With Others: 

Get a prayer partner, and encourage one another in prayer.  Join the church in prayer meetings.  Call people and pray together.

It is interesting as you look at many of the biblical patterns the language is plural.  Following Jesus is a team pursuit, and praying can be improved and powerful when done in community.

This year commit to corporate prayer, and find someone you can pray with on a weekly basis. 

  1. Learn More About Effective Prayer

Earlier we encouraged you to study God's Word on prayer, and to learn how to pray in alignment with His Word.  That is the MOST important thing we can do to improve our prayer life, and we can learn from others how to implement this in practical ways.

Read some books on prayer that allow you to see how others have prayed.  Some have asked my top 10, well, here is a start….

  1. Whitney, Donald:  Praying The Bible
  2. The Valley Of Vision (Bennett, Arthur G.)
  3. Miller, Paul:  A Praying Life
  4. Chappell, Bryan:  Praying Backwards
  5. Hughes, Kent:  Abba Father
  6. Henderson, Daniel.  Transforming Prayer 
  7. Piper, John.  A Hunger For God

 If you have read these, and want some more, I enjoyed Keller’s book, and there are many more (E.M. Bounds books can be found online and they are helpful.) 

Make a goal to read one of those over the next few months and join us in improving our impact for God by improving our intimacy with God. 

Thank you for choosing to take small steps with me to grow in our prayer life corporately.  Each little step, when taken together in God’s strength will make a MASSIVE difference. 

Privileged to approach the throne of grace with you and for you,

Pastor Rob

REMEMBER TO READ YOUR BIBLE WITH THE CONGREGATION and share what you learn at least once a week with someone from our family. 

Sunday Is Coming:

Guest Preacher:  Ross Hastings

Title:  Facing Trials Biblically

Text:  James 1:1-11

  • Read the text.
  • How can we learn to see trials through the lens of a loving God who has a plan for our suffering?
  • Why is our growth in character a motive for considering our trials joy?
  • What trials are you going through right now?
  • How can you apply this text to your life?


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Read Through the Bible

A new year is a great time to start or restart a daily Bible reading plan. TGC’s Read the Bible is designed to help Christians and churches feast on God’s Word in the coming year. Based on the M'Cheyne reading system, this daily plan features 4 different readings for use in both family and personal devotions.


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